Ringelhan, F.:

Aging in Basal Metazoans – a Biodemographic Approach

Diss., Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover, 2015

http://www.gbv.de/dm s/tib-ub-hannover/826075444.pdf

in Review

Paknia, O.; Bergmann, T.; Hadrys, H.:

Some "ant'swers: Application of a layered barcode approach to problems in ant taxonomy

In: Molecular Ecology Resources 15, 6 (2015) 1262–1274

ISSN 1755-098X


Schierwater, B.; Eitel, M.: Placozoa

In: Wanninger, A. (Hrsg.):
Evolutionary Developmental Biology of Invertebrates 1: Introduction, Non-Bilateria, Acoelomorpha, Xenoturbellida, Chaetognatha
Evolutionary Developmental Biology of Invertebrates, Band 1

in Review

Gibb, H.; Sanders, N. J.; Dunn, R. R.; Watson, S.; Photakis, M.; Abril, S.; Andersen, A. N.; Angulo, E.; Armbrecht, I.; Arnan, X.; Baccaro, F. B.; Bishop, T. R.; Boulay, R.; Castracani, C.; Del Toro, I.; Delsinne, T.; Diaz, M.; Donoso, D. A.; Enriquez, M. L.; Fayle, T. M.; Feener, D. H.; Fitzpatrick, M. C.; Gomez, C.; Grasso, D. A.; Groc, S.; Heterick, B.; Hoffmann, B. D.; Lach, L.; Lattke, J.; Leponce, M.; Lessard, J. P.; Longino, J.; Lucky, A.; Majer, J.; Menke, S. B.; Mezger, D.; Mori, A.; Munyai, T. C.; Paknia, O.; Pearce-Duvet, J.; Pfeiffer, M.; Philpott, S. M.; de Souza, J. L. P.; Tista, M.; Vasconcelos, H.; L.; Vonshak, M.; Parr, C. L. :

Climate mediates the effects of disturbance on ant assemblage structure

In: Proceedings of the Royal Society B : Biological Sciences 282, 1808 (2015) 8 ISSN 0962-8452

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