Our laboratories include two climate-controlled (temperature and lighting) rooms equipped with aquaria for the culture of placozoans, cnidarians, and their food items.






culture of cnidarians, culture of placozoans

In addition, we have separate laboratories for working with RNA, DNA, and cytology.


PCR machines, clean bench, tecan robot

Our equipment includes one Tecan Robot, two capillary automatic sequencers, six PCR machines (including gradient cycle and Q-PCR), one DNA visualization system, microscopes with digital image capture system, digital image analyzer, three -80 degree freezers, three -20 degree freezers, several 4 degree refrigerators, one 4 degree refrigerated room, one speed-vacuum, several microcentrifuges (two with temperature control), as well as a supply of glassware, dishwasher, autoclave, ovens, and other necessities of a working molecular lab.


capillary auto. sequencer, computer pool


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